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Dom błogosławionej Karoliny Kózkówny Wał-Ruda

Home of Blessed Karolina

Stara drewniana chata w pogodny dzień, będąca Domem bł. Karoliny Kózkówny we wsi Wał-Ruda. Przed chatką znajduje się drewniany płot oraz krzewy.

Wał-Ruda 115, 33-133 Wał-Ruda Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

Home of Blessed Karolina, called in the past the Bethlehem cabin for its modesty, now rebuilt of preserved, old wooden walls. Presently a museum and a chapel. Near the house there is a pear tree, under which villagers prepared Karolina's body to be buried, and a historical barn, with an exhibition of old household furniture and tackle. Here also the first Station of the Martyrs' Cross is located.