In the Małopolska region no weather can frighten us! From a mine of knowledge to a world of underground secrets

The photo shows a young girl dressed in sportswear standing on the rocks at the top of the Prądnik Valley.
Tiring heat or torrential rain preventing you from enjoying your holiday to the full? We have a solution for that! In our region, you will find places where you can shelter from the rain, take a break from the heat and not lose a minute of your holiday activities. Check out our tourist ideas for inclement weather and plan your most enjoyable time in the Małopolska region! Remember: here, whether it is raining cats and dogs or cold and snowy or hot as blazes, no one gets bored with us, not even the children!

The underground world of salt wonders

Did you know that the Małopolska region has the only mines in the world that have been in continuous operation from the Middle Ages to the present day? The ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine and also the Bochnia Salt Mine are not only UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but they are also attractions that are available for you in any weather! In both mines you can admire the beautiful history of the mining of this precious resource, but above all: breathe in the crisp, healthy air! Whether the heat is sweltering and oppressive or the skies are pouring down rain, the temperature in the mines of the Małopolska region is always pleasant. Thermal comfort with a pinch of history and a good dose of underground wonder? Such things can happen only in the Małopolska region!

Let us discover the valleys near Kraków!

What if you absolutely want to hike in beautiful natural surroundings, but the weather is not your ally? You can go for a walk in the valleys, and for the very finest of such walks, we recommend heading for the Dolinki Krakowskie Landscape Park.

Several hundred kilometres of hiking trails scattered through the valleys near Kraków are a must-see for every hiker! The gentle and undemanding paths offer respite from the heat and hustle and bustle of the city, are a great place for family picnics and are perfect for those who love nature, wildlife and the forest. All this is available within easy walking distance of Kraków, which allows you to maintain a perfect balance between big-city noise and the soothing silence of the forest. Sightseeing in the capital of the Małopolska region and an excursion into nature? It sounds like the perfect plan! Prądnik Valley, Kobylańska Valley, Mnikowska Valley, Kluczwody Valley and Racławki Valley – be sure to check which one will steal your heart (and body) first!

Water, which brings health (and coolness)!

When it is stuffy and hot outside, all we dream about is taking a dip in the soothing water and relax. This is where the aquaparks of the Małopolska region come to the rescue! A dozen swimming pool complexes await you at various locations in the region, allowing you to discover them not only for tourism, but also for your health! The thermal pools in the picturesque Chochołów and Szaflary, the swimming pool complex in the health resort Wysowa-Zdrój as well as the thermal waters in Bukowina and Białka Tatrzańska tempt you to lie down in the hydro-bubbles and indulge yourself in the world’s best and most soothing relaxation in its entirety. This is a temptation you do not want to resist …

Befriend the culture!

They are equally good in weather that is nice and in inclement weather. They educate, they teach, they are the perfect place for new delights and the nurturing of old ones. Storehouses of knowledge, curiosities and wonderment. We recommend to you the many fabulous museums in the Małopolska region! Throughout our region, you will find several hundred museum establishments that would love to invite you to explore them all! In Kraków alone, you probably will probably never have enough time to visit each and every museum and exhibition, but there is no doubt that it is definitely worth a try.

The Małopolska region includes such unusual exhibitions as the Pharmacy Museum in Biecz, the Road Engineering Museum in Szczucin, Stained Glass Workshop and Museum in Kraków, Museum of Fire Fighting in Olkusz and the Museum of  Phonography in Niepołomice. Lovers of literature will be delighted by the Kornel Makuszyński Museum in Zakopane, while art fans can enjoy the Jan Matejko House, and for thrill-seekers, we recommend the Museum in the Department of Forensic Medicine in Kraków. And what is the best part? That this is just a fraction of what the museums of Małopolska offer. The weather outside seems discouraging? You already know what to do!


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