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Widok na misterium Męki Pańskiej, na pierwszym planie osoba wcielająca się w postać Jezusa z Krzyżem oraz strażnicy, w tle tłum ludzi
Probably one of the most important characteristics at­tributed to human nature is the ability and will to celebrate.

Celebration is often accompanied by solemn atmosphere, joy, and – most of all – by a sense of togetherness. Celebrating with other people has a bonding quality be­cause joy is infectious, and because without celebration life would become unbearable. The Małopolska Region lies at the heart of Małopolska, a once vast historical re­gion hosting the capital city of Poland.  The region became the symbol of the lost home­ land when, as a result of various historical events, Poland disappeared from the map of Europe for 123 years. Here, a number of old national traditions, cu­stoms and rituals have survived until this very day. The Małopolska Region boasts a rich festive tradition, comprised of elements of both old and modern ways of celebrating. The festivals of Małopolska are not re­stricted to the ones indicated in the liturgical calendar (of which the most notable are Christmas and Easter) but also include many regional events of a secular na­ture. Małopolska’s ethnic diversity contributes to the richness and variety of its long-cultivated fe­stive customs and rituals. This abundance of festivals makes it possible to celebrate almost all year round. All the local celebrations have a be­autiful – and often very spectacular – setting and are held in an unforgettable festive atmosphere, which radiates so intensely, that even onlookers frequently cannot resist their charm. This publication is a unique presentation of Małopolska and the essence of its traditions which cannot be transferred to any other place, as they are part of its exceptional atmosphe­re and constitute one of its most valuable assets. This publication has come to being in order to encourage visitors to discover yet another aspect of the Małopolska Region, and to broaden its perception as a sight of beautiful landscape and precious mo­numents by showcasing the richness of its festive customs and celebrations. Dear Guest, join in the celebration!

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