Gościniec Dworski in Ropa

Gościniec Dworski in Ropa

Ropa 577a, 38-312 Ropa

Gościniec Dworski in Ropa
38-312 Ropa 577 a
tel. +48 607 68 02 54

Join us at Gościniec Dworski [Manor Hospitality restaurant] in Ropa to sample the best delicacies of the manor-style cuisine. The restaurant also serves the traditional simple specialities of the Carpathian cuisine. Lamb, venison and mouth-watering Polish goose meat are just some suggestions for your festive table. The restaurant also offers special occasion menus, custom-selected and prepared with individual taste in mind, suitable to celebrate birthdays, namedays, anniversaries or just friendly gatherings.
The restaurant features a stylish room with a mezzanine that can seat 60 people and a small cellar where guests can taste fine wines. With an advance order, you can also purchase traditional meats, cheeses, honey, jams and preserves from the list of Małopolska Taste Festival winners.


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