Beskid Sądecki and Niski Beskids

Nowy Dom Zdrojowy Krynica-Zdrój
It is worth going to Beskid Sądecki and Low Beskids to have some rest. The balance of both spirit and body is restored by water from the local springs, appreciated for its taste and healing properties. Beskids are truly famous for their health resorts. Many mountain towns are visited throughout the year by tourists who come here to improve their health. The list of most-valued resorts includes:

Krynica-Zdrój, called the pearl of Polish health resorts. It has not only the features of European resorts such as the promenade, stylish guesthouses or spa houses, but above all the pump rooms where most of the local natural treasures are available – 23 mineral water intakes, with the most popular “Kryniczanka”, as well as the Słotwinka, Jan and Zuber sources.
Wapienne is one of the oldest health resorts in Poland. Sulphide water intakes are used here in the treatment of musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases. Before the war, the town was famous for oil production, as well as a stonemason's centre, and to this day it is inhabited by several Lemko families. The local spa houses use mud and medium mineralized sulphide waters from the Kamila, Marta and Zuzanna sources.

Piwniczna-Zdrój specialises in the treatment of respiratory and digestive diseases as well as prophylaxis of locomotor organs. Here, you can taste for example the “Piwniczanka” water. There are excellent tourist and walking areas around the town, attractive both in summer and winter, as well as sources of mineral waters – most of them offer tasty, healing water flowing straight from the ground or solid rock. Sources can also be found in the beautifully situated valleys of Beskid Sądecki in Łomnica-Zdrój or Wierchomla.

Muszyna – once the centre of a large area called the “Muszyna state”, today it is eagerly visited by sufferers of respiratory and digestive diseases.

Wysowa-Zdrój is a small health resort famous for the “Wysowianka” mineral water. In the local health resort park, you can try medicinal waters from the following springs: Józef, Franciszek, Henryk, Słone and Bronisław. They are recommended for the treatment of respiratory, digestive and urinary tract diseases.


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