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Muzeum im. Ireny i Mieczysława Mazarakich Chrzanów

Irena and Mieczysław Mazaraki Museum in Chrzanów

Budynek Muzeum Chrzanów

Mickiewicza 13, 32-500 Chrzanów

tel. +48 327538711
The facility has been functioning since 1960. The initiator of its inception was Professor Mieczysław Mazaraki, who was its director for many years.
The main building is located in a former manorial granary from the 16th century. The collection Rocks and minerals of the Chrzanów Land is a permanent exhibition. It includes, inter alia: imprints of fauna and flora, petrified tree trunks, solidified products of volcanic origin as well as zinc and lead ores. The collections are complemented by the boards showing the basic geological processes.