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Winnica Nad Prądnikiem

Nad Prądnikiem Vineyard

Rzędy winorośli w winncy Nad Prądnikiem
Ojcowska 74, 32-089 Prądnik Korzkiewski Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska
tel. +48 606404704
A vineyard in the Prądnik Valley near the Ojców National Park.

The family-owned Nad Prądnikiem Vineyard is located in Prądnik Korzkiewski, and its name comes from the Prądnik stream flowing through the valley. The vineyard is part of an agritourism farm run by Mr and Mrs Woźniczek, which has a mill, apiaries and sleeping places. The idea for the vineyard was born in 2009, but it was not opened until 2011. It has 40 acres, on which 1,500 vines grow. A little more than half is taken up by the dark varieties Regent and Rondo (for red and rosé wines), and the remainder is made up of the light varieties Seyval Blanc, Dawn and Solaris (for white wines). Wine production takes place in a small home cellar, where mead is also produced in a nearby apiary. Mr and Mrs Woźniczek's wines are fermented in stainless steel tanks and their fresh, fruity style fits in well with the production of other vineyards within the area of the Jura. Since the scale of production at Nad Prądnikiem Vineyard is small, the wines are available for purchase only on its premises.

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