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Town Hall in Tarnów - Obiekt - VisitMalopolska


Ratusz Tarnów

Town Hall in Tarnów

Tarnów ratusz
Rynek 1, 33-100 Tarnów Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice
tel. +48 146929000
The beginning of the Town Hall dates back at least to the second half of the 15th century, it is not difficult to find medieval elements in it.
It was completely destroyed as a result of two great fires in the town before 1500. Then, it was rebuilt or, which is equally possible, built anew by Jan Amor from Tarnów. One of the architectural masterpieces of the Renaissance. Located in the centre of the town, next to the cathedral, it is the oldest and most splendid building in the town and houses the collections of the District Museum. From the town hall tower, where you can climb up the steep stairs, you can see the panorama of the town and its surroundings.

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