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Kościół Trójcy Przenajświętszej Zabawa z Sanktuarium błogosławionej Karoliny Kózkówny

Holy Trinity Church in Zabawa

Murowany kościół widziany wieczorem od frontu. Na środku wysoka wieża, po bokach dwie wieżyczki nad arkadowym wejściem z dwiema kolimnami,

ul. bł. Karoliny Kózkówny 69, 33-133 Zabawa Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

tel. +48 146781448
The origins of the village of Zabawa date back to 1241. The parish of Zabawa is located in the valley of the Lower Dunajec, on its left bank, 20 km north to the city of Tarnów, in the Małopolskie Region.
The Holy Trinity Church in Zabawa - the sanctuary of Blessed Karolina - is probably the only church in the world, where the parishioner of that church, beatified by Pope John Paul II on 10 June 1987, has been buried under the main altar stone. The sanctuary is the world centre of the Movement of Pure Hearts, as well as a place commemorating victims of violence and road accidents, and care for their loved ones. Together with the trail of martyrdom in Wał-Ruda, the sanctuary is a point of destination of various pilgrimages, and a place of graze and healing bestowed through the intercession of Blessed Karolina.