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Kościół świętego Marcina Marcyporęba

St Martin’s Church in Marcyporęba

Kamienna brama z daszkiem z czerwonej dachówki w ogrodzeniu z kamienia i drewna. Za nią drewniany kościół od strony prezbiterium. Na ścianie kościoła obraz Jezusa Miłosiernego.

pl. Św. Jana Pawła II 6, 34-114 Marcyporęba Tourist region: Pogórza

tel. +48 338792116
St Martin’s Church in Marcyporęba was built in 1670 and originally had no spire (the spire was added in 1976-80).
The ceremonial consecration was performed in 1677. The roof above the nave and chancel is gabled, with one ridge and a baroque bell turret. Inside two precious portals have been preserved: one a so-called Długoszowski, the other mannerist and richly decorated. Above the galilee and chancel there are 1970s coffered ceilings. On the rood beam you can see sculptures with a Crucifixion Group and a C15th gothic crucifix. The walls are covered with C19th and C20th polychrome decoration.

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