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St. Mark’s Filial (previously Parish) Church in Rodaki - Obiekt - VisitMalopolska

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Kościół świętego Marka Ewangelisty Rodaki

St. Mark’s Filial (previously Parish) Church in Rodaki

Drewniany kościół wśród drzew.

ul. Krótka 2, 32-310 Rodaki

tel. +48 327256810
The church was built in 1601 and has essentially survived to the present day almost unaltered.
The mannerist altars date from the turn of the C17th; the main altar has polychrome decoration imitating sculptural elements. The oldest relic is the late-gothic statue of St. Nicholas from around 1400, located in one of the side altars. Inside the church you can also see a statue of the Risen Christ, moved from the church in Chechło, and the wooden baroque epitaph of Father Krzysztof Zawalski with a painting of The Crucifixion and the figure of the deceased.