St. Simon of Lipnica Murowana Trail

Rzeźby świętych w Lipnicy Murowanej

The small village of Lipnica Murowana produced as many as two saints and one beatified. The Parish Church, the Sanctuary of St. Simon of Lipnica, is located at Lipnica’s Market Square. Apart from the sanctuary, several other sites associated with the other saint residents of Lipnica can be found in the area, and they are all part of St. Simon Trail. This short trail starts at the small Church of St. Leonard – one of the few wooden churches in Małopolska that have been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The trail information board is located there. You can then visit the mansion of the Ledóchowski family from which stemmed the Ledóchowski sisters: the older sister, St. Ursula, and the younger, Blessed Maria Teresa. The trail leads to the market square with a statue of St. Simon, the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle and to the former parish school, which currently houses the regional chamber.