Blessed Zbigniew Strzałkowski

Zdjęcie mężczyzny z brodą.
Conventual Franciscan Friar, first Polish missionary who was martyred (1958-1991).

He was born in Tarnów and grew up in the village of Zawada, near Tarnów. Two years after graduating from the Franciscan Friar Seminary in Cracow and his priestly ordination, he went to Peru to work in the missions in the Andean Pariacoto, together with a fellow Conventual Franciscan Friar, Michał Tomaszek. In 1991, the two missionaries were murdered by terrorist organization Il Sendero Luminoso, shot in their backs and back of their heads. His beatification took place on 5 December 2015. His mortal remains were deposed in the Church in Pariacoto, in a dedicated consecrated chapel.

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